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Identifying Large Calendar Items for Multiple Users

Another interesting and fun scenario. In my last post, I discussed using PowerShell to find large calendar items. Well, it didn’t go as well as I thought. I was trying to identify the largest calendar item for users. The idea … Continue reading

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Identifying Large Calendar Items

I have been seeing some scary behavior lately. The environment is Exchange Server 2010 SP1 RU5. Basically, what is happening is that a calendar item is updated too often (against Microsoft’s clear Best Practices) and becomes corrupt. The corrupt calendar … Continue reading

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Exchange Control Panel (ECP) Failed – Exchange Server 2010 SP1, RU6

I recently started getting this nice error every time that I tried to open the ECP site in my browser. I was pretty sure that it had always worked before, but this was clearly a problem now. A little testing … Continue reading

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Invalid Canary – Exchange Control Panel (ECP)

I haven’t run into this one for a few months, but the first time I saw it, it really aggravated me. Canary? Invalid? Invalid Canary? I would really like to see an error that is meaningful and helpful, and this … Continue reading

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Outlook Troubleshooting

While I feel very comfortable with Exchange, I have to say that I am not very strong when it comes to all of the troubleshooting issues when it comes to Outlook. OK, I am a weakling. Luckily, Microsoft has released … Continue reading

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OOF and PowerShell

I was having some issues with setting the Out of Facility (yes, that is what OOF actually means) for a user. I decided to use PowerShell for this just for the fun of using PowerShell. I love the Exchange Management … Continue reading

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Updating the Managed By Property in Exchange 2010 Using PowerShell

I ran into an interesting problem that actually encapsulated two different problems. I have a .csv file that has the names of Distribution Groups and the Users that need to have Managed By permissions so they can update the members … Continue reading

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