Issue with Meet Now and Invite More People–RCC and Lync Server 2013

Disclaimer: Yes, I know that Remote Call Control (RCC) is being deprecated. Yes, I know Enterprise Voice is WAY better.

A “feature” that was found is that users that are RCC enabled are not able to add other users to meetings that are started by using Meet Now. When meetings are scheduled and invitations are sent via email, users can join by clicking on the link in the email, and all is well. OK, not so much, so let me rephrase, all is well UNTIL another person is invited by using the Invite More People option.

What happens in both cases is that you, as a person in the meeting,  will see the users pop into the meeting for a couple of seconds, then they will disappear. From the user’s side, they start to join the meeting, then they get an error where audio fails to connect (if the meeting is not using Lync audio, i.e. a call bridge or just a shared session) and they get a message at the bottom of their Lync client to retry the connection for audio. If they select the option to rejoin using Lync audio, it will allow them to connect to the meeting.

This strange behavior does not appear if the users are not RCC enabled. If the user is configured for PC to PC audio only, or if they are Enterprise Voice enabled, there are no issues.

This is what appears to happen:

  1. The user that attempts to join the meeting sends a SUBSCRIBE request
  2. The user receives a 200 OK  with the conference information
  3. The user sends an INFO request containing the endpoint URI and the user’s LineURI using a “Dialed-Out” join method
  4. The user is not enabled for dial-out since they are not Enterprise Voice enabled, and they receive a 404 Not Found

So, basically, RCC users joining a conference that does not allow dial out for non-Enterprise Voice users receive a failure to join audio. This is by design. It is not a bug. This only happens when the user is directly invited into a meeting (via Meet Now and Invite Other People), and it does not happen if the user connects to the conference through the Meet Simple URL. After the failure, the user receives the option to rejoin or retry. If the user selects Lync Call, they will then connect. 

Summary: Yes, you should not use RCC, and you should migrate to Enterprise Voice, if it is possible.

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