Address Book Regeneration–Different in Lync 2013

As often happens, I miss some interesting changes between versions of OCS/Lync/Skype for Business.

This time, I missed the following changes:

RtcAb and RtcAb1 – In Lync Server 201o, the Address Book uses two databases, rtcab and rtcab1. The two databases are used so that one database can respond to queries while the other one is updated at 1:30am. This way, there is always an active version available, and then when the other one is finished updating, it becomes the active one.

In Lync Server 2013, the rtcab responds to queries while it is updating and the second version is not required.

Manual Address Book Update – In Lync Server 2010, the manual process to update the address book requires two different PowerShell cmdlets. The process is to run Update-CsUserDatabase, then after the update completes, you run Update-CsAddressBook to sync the content.

In Lync Server 2013, all you have to do is run the Udpate-CsAddressBook. The cmdlet triggers the user replicator process as part of the process.

I guess I need to take more time away from actually working and doing more research. Smile

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