Skype for Web (Consumer)

Yes, it is for the Skype consumer version. I felt I had to be clear about that after having many discussions in the last couple of months about Skype for Business and explaining that there is a significant difference between the two.

I was told that there was a Beta for those that reside in the US and in the UK for a completely Web based version of Skype. Being a long time Skype user, I decided to check it out. Well, I forgot to check it out until today.

I am glad I checked it out. It is pretty slick, but I had trouble envisioning use cases for it. OK, not really, it took me a couple of minutes of thinking about the many times that I wanted to make a Skype call, grabbed computer (you can probably imagine that I have more than one in the house) and found that the Skype client was not installed on it. So, I would have to download it, and then after spending at least a minute with the download and logging into it, I would be in business. Of course, this is an issue if you are on the road and have crappy bandwidth at one of the many super expensive hotels out there. Well, here is the answer.

Let me go through the horrible (yes, that was sarcasm) process for you.

  1. I opened a browser.
  2. I typed into the browser.
  3. I got the screen below:image
  4. I clicked the link that says “Launch Skype for Web”
  5. I noticed that I had a couple of notices (that is how I noticed) that I needed to install a plug-in for Audio/Video calls (man, it is starting to get painful now).
  6. image

  7. I read the notice information about cookies and such, because that is how I roll.
  8. I clicked the link to get the plugin.

Yeah, not very painful, and I was up in running pretty quickly. I feel sorry for those that can’t use the Beta. It really is nice, and it was very easy to set up.

Check it out!

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