Troubleshooting Lync Online (or Office 365)? Don’t Forget TRIPP

I just wanted to remind everyone about the Transport Reliability IP Probe (TRIPP) testing tool that is available from Microsoft. This tool tests connectivity from remote locations to the Lync Online data center(s).

With the massive push to Office 365, and the move of many small and medium organizations to the Cloud, it is important to remember that these tools exist, and it is really valuable. is where I started. Why I chose Dublin? No reason, I just thought it would be interesting to try someplace other than here in the US. The addresses for TRIPP are here:

Of course, it required Java. So, I installed Java. Then I received a security error for the Java piece. Running Windows 8 made it more fun. The steps were pretty straight forward:

  1. Use Search and search for “Java”
  2. Click on Configure Java in the results
  3. Click on Security Tab
  4. Set the Security Level to Medium
  5. Add the site shown in the error report to the Exception Site List

Finally, I was able to start the TRIPP tool by clicking the Start Test button in the middle of the page, and it asks for a Session ID, which can really be anything like a location name. The results are broken into eight tabs:

1. Firewall


2. Route


3. Speed


4. VoIP


5. Round Trip Time Consistency


6. Graph, which will provide a graph of the Download Speed, Upload Speed, Upstream Jitter/Packet Loss, and Downstream Jitter/Packet Loss


7. Summary


8. Advanced


It is easy to see how the connection from any location is working and what challenges might exist.

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