Troubleshooting Lync and Exchange Web Services (EWS)

I am finding more and more that I run into issues with Exchange Web Services (EWS). For example, in an earlier blog post, I talked about the issue with 1,000 or more folders in the mailbox causing issues with the Conversation History for Lync.

I have found, by stumbling on it, an interesting application called Conversations Analyzer. The purpose of this app is to test for negative words and messages by pulling content from the Conversation History folder in the mailbox. What I found interesting is that this app uses EWS.

If you feel that you might have issues with EWS or specific servers in your environment, you can use this application to test it.

You can download the Getting Started Guide here:

You can then download the application here:

What you will find in the Getting Started Guide is a nice detailed explanation on how the application works and how it can be modified. The only part that I cared about is the section on configuring the application to point to EWS.

Basically, Press and hold Ctrl, and then right-click the Outlook icon in the notification area Outlook Testof the taskbar. It will get you something that looks similar to the image here:

Click Test E-mail AutoConfiguration, and then click Test in the resulting window.

In the displayed Results tab, find and use the Availability Service URL in the results.

Use the Availability Service URL in the Exchange Server URL box in the Configuration settings of Conversations Analyzer.

In the Conversations Analyzer, click on the Load Items button. If it works, yeah, EWS works. If it doesn’t work, point to a different server and try it. For me, it helped me verify connectivity for a couple of troublesome users, and it also helped me identify that the EWS connectivity just wasn’t working for another user.

Good luck!

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