Heading Down the Path to MCSE: Communication, Part 3: 70-411 and 70-412

I finally got back on track and started getting some more tests done. Two more down, two more to go.

As for the 70-41 exam that I took earlier, my impression is basically: Damn, that was hard. OK, it was more like DAMN those were hard. I spent lots of time figuring out which were the wrong answers on several questions to narrow it down. I felt like I was taking my GMAT and LSAT exams all over again.

As before, I can’t tell you what was on the exam, but I can certainly tell you that I was not ready for the questions on Network Policy Server (NPS) in 70-411. Definitely one of my weaknesses. I also wasn’t ready for many of the Build List questions. These questions are the “select the right answers and put them in the right freaking order or you will get it wrong” questions.

I really like several of the Drag and drop items. OK, I know that is sick, but I really did have fun with some of them.  As I have said before, make sure you know the different items types and understand how they are used. It will really help to improve the chances of passing.

Of the two exams, 70-411 was much harder for me than the 70-412 exam mostly because I used to live in the High Availability space and understand Failover Clustering and Network Load Balancing really well. Virtualization is an area that I have worked hard on in the last year, so it was also pretty straight forward for me.

Between these exams, I would say they cover more than all of the old MCSE exams ever covered all together.

I wish I could tell you more than to study hard, but I hope I made it clear that these are really hard exams and you should invest in a great deal of study time.

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