Heading Down the Path to MCSE: Communication, Part2: 70-410

After the flood, I kind of let things stop when it came to exams. After all, there were a few more important issues here in Colorado.

I scheduled and took 70-410 last week and  received a passing score. One down, four to go.

Overall, my impression is basic: Damn, that was hard.

I can’t tell you what was on the exam, but I can certainly tell you that Microsoft exams have certainly changed over the last few years. There are fewer multiple choice questions and more items that require a pretty high-level of understanding. Drag and drop items, particularly ones that involve multiple objects and selecting multiple items and having to put them in order can really make you think the question through, and certainly make the questions even harder. Add to that the fact (OK, my opinion) that many of the questions really do require “Expert” level knowledge.

Study hard, and make sure you read up at the Microsoft website on the exam items types and understand how they are used. It will really help to improve the chances of passing.

Next week, I will take on 70-411.

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