Lync 2010 Fails to Save Conversation History

I remember reading about this issue in the past, but I totally forgot the cause until I went back and dug through my notes.

Basically, the ThrottlingPolicy in Exchange seems to cause this problem if the user exceeds the number of folders in the count limit. In my most recent case, the policy is configured for 1,000, and a few users that have over 1,000 folders are seeing the issue where Lync is unable to save the conversation history.

My first question is What the Front Door? Really? 1,000 folders? So I set up a user with over 1,000 folders to verify it. Mother Goose, one of my test accounts was the victim.

(Get-Mailbox Mother.Goose | Select-Object alias | foreach-object {Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity $_.alias}).Count

The result of 1,005 verified, and then I tested conversation history. Yep, it fails to save conversations.

Well, what do you know? If it it exceeds the policy, it really does cause the problem. But, I am still trying to figure out how anyone manages to have over 1,000 folders. Come on people, let’s get real here and come up with a better structure to save email that you won’t ever read again anyways.

Basically, there are two fixes.

  1. First, tell the user to clean up their damned mailbox.
  2. Second, set a larger throttling policy, which they will eventually exceed anyways, or, in this case, remove the limit completely.

New-ThrottlingPolicy –Name ConvoHistoryPolicy –EWSFindCountLimit $null

and then run

Set-Mailbox  Mother.Goose –ThrottlingPolicy ConvoHistoryPolicy

I really recommend that you go with option 1 and tell users to clean up their mailbox folder structure.

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