Moving Lync Users in a Crunch

As you may find, and I hope you don’t, using a primary and secondary registrar doesn’t always meet the need for all failures.

Recently, I saw a network failure, where users were not able to get to get to their primary, but they didn’t fail over to their secondary pool. The users needed to be moved manually.

There are two ways to make this happen.

Use the Lync Control Panel. It is really easy, you click on Action and select Move all users to pool… and then put in the source and target information. This seems to take about ten minutes for every 800-1,000 users.

Another method is to use PowerShell and run, Get-CsUser -Filter {RegistrarPool -eq “SourcePoolName”} | Move-CsUser -Target “TargetPoolName”

Please, don’t forget which accounts are supposed to be moved back later after the disaster. Before you move users, I recommend you get your list of existing users. I used Get-CsUser | Where {$_.RegistrarPool –ilike “SourcePoolName”} | Select SipAddress } | Out-File SourcePoolName.txt

Again, hopefully you won’t need this info.

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