Firewall Testing for Lync Server

I had a recent fun time arguing with the firewall guys that they were not properly opening the ports that I had requested and that I really needed it done right.

Finally, I decided that I just needed to do the scans myself and give them a quick report of what was responding properly and what was not.

  1. Download the portqry.exe and copy it to each server.
  2. Put together a list of the Lync servers in a file named LyncServers.txt that contains the server names.
  3. Put together a list of the ports and protocols for the ports in a file named LyncServerPortNumbers.txt.
  4. Write a quick script to run on each server.

After that, it is just a matter of running the script on each server and collecting the data. Of course, the best feeling was sending the list of results with a From ServerX test for each server to the firewall team so they could see what they missed.

Here is a link to the files:

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2 Responses to Firewall Testing for Lync Server

  1. Your idea is really great and it helps a lot in troubleshooting tasks, but i detect a little mistake in the script:

    When the command .\PortQry.exe scan a port like DNS ( 53, udp ) the output is:

    PS C:\Users\jgonzalez\Desktop\LyncPortsScan> .\PortQry.exe -n -e 53 -p udp
    Querying target system called:
    Attempting to resolve IP address to a name…
    IP address resolved to lyncfe01.banet.local
    UDP port 53 (domain service): LISTENING or FILTERED
    Sending DNS query to UDP port 53…

    As you can see, the word LISTENING appears hear as in open ports, so the regex in the script fail and shows DNS port always open.

    A fix to this little mistake is:

    $L = $K -Match “FILTER?”
    If($L -ne $null){
    Write-Host `t $p.port $p.protocol Closed
    Write-Host `t $p.port $p.protocol Open


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