Video Device Missing from Lync 2010 Options

This was an interesting scenario. Users have had audio/video in Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

1. Moved user from OCS 2007 R2 pool to a Lync 2010 pool. If they continued to use Communicator 2007 R2, their audio and video devices worked fine.

2. Upgraded user from Communicator 2007 R2 to Lync 2010 client.

After upgrading the client, users complained that they Video option was not available and they could not make video calls. When you go into the Lync Options, there is no choice for Video Device like their should be. The video device is still working in other applications, though.

The really odd thing about this was that if you opened up the Lync Options before the users signed in, you can easily see the Video Device option and set it. Once the user signed in, though, it would disappear.

I was confused as to why video worked when still using the Communicator client, but stopped when their client was upgraded. I took a wild guess and tried these two steps:

  1. Set-CSConferencingPolicy –AllowIPVideo $True –EnableP2PVideo $True
  2. Exited and restarted the Lync 2010 client

Ta Da! It works again.

As a side note, it may not require completely exiting the Lync 2010 client. Signing off and signing back in again may be enough.

Part 2 – We found some more unusual behavior in the build numbers.

  • 4.0.75577.0 worked fine on most of the Windows 8 client computers
  • 4.0.75577.0 did not work on most of the Windows 7 client computers
  • Adding the April 2013 rollup seems to have fixed the issues we were seeing with the Windows 7 clients, though.
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5 Responses to Video Device Missing from Lync 2010 Options

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  2. guy says:

    Where is step one made?

  3. guy says:

    Okay this is how I got it to work in the Lync 2010 server:
    set-CsConferencingPolicy -AllowIPVideo $true -EnableP2PVideo $True

    The original command had a duplicate entry and I changed ConferencingPolicy to CsConferencingPolicy

    Works now!

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