Job Title not Synching for Communicator

I just love some of these off the wall oddities when it comes to OCS and Lync. FYI, I have run into the same issue in Lync as well. In this case, it was OCS.

Anyway, the symptoms were simple. The user was promoted, but his new job title was not showing up properly on his contact card in Communicator. All users in the organization saw the old title. In the meantime, the user went on vacation.

Research showed the following:

  • Active Directory had the correct title.
  • Presence info in SharePoint showed the correct title.
  • Presence in Outlook showed the correct title.

So, what to do? Sometimes it is nice to just start from the beginning, other times it is better to start from the end of the process and work backwards.

  1. The first thing I did was regenerate the Address book by running the command abserver – regenur and abserver –syncnow
  2. I then deleted my personal SIP profile, and recreated it which also downloaded the latest address book data file (a full copy).
  3. After that, I opened up the GalContact.db file and searched for the user and found the updated title for the user in the file. Yet, it still was showing up incorrectly in my Communicator.
  4. After all of that, I updated the Communicator client to latest version.

I still saw the old title. It was just irritating me to no end that I wasn’t seeing the right title. It was clearly in the address book.

When the user came back and downloaded the new address book, everything started to work perfectly. Yes, somehow the user’s data from their Communicator client stopped everyone else in the company from seeing the correct title.

It appears that Communicator uses the information that is stored in SQL over the information in the Address Book data files. Once the user downloaded the newer address book and updated his own contact card with the correct information, then everyone else saw the correct title.

Basically, what the user sees in their Lync or Communicator client is what everyone else will see despite what is in the address book. Until the user that has the incorrect title gets an updated address book and has an updated GalContacts.db that includes the new title, everyone else will continue to see the old title. It seems extremely odd to me, but I was able to replicated the situation to verify that is how it works.

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1 Response to Job Title not Synching for Communicator

  1. Phil says:

    We had the same issue.
    Presence info in SharePoint shows the correct title
    Presence in Outlook shows the correct title
    Presence in Skype – Contact card shows the correct title.
    Presence in Lync client doesn’t show the correct title

    Deleted the users sip profile from appdata on his PC which included GalContacts.db and now everyone can see the users correct title.

    Thank you so much for posting this fix

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