The Cloud and Certification

I am a little behind in my promises. What else is new?

Previously, I spewed forth my point of view on Cloud technologies and how that impacts us IT Professionals. I am still a bit worried when it comes to the impact on small and medium sized businesses and their IT staff. After all, if these businesses are going to leverage cloud technologies, what will all of those admins do if they don’t have to backup and restore servers? What will all of those admins do if they don’t have to update anti-virus and anti-spam software? I am sure a few of them will have to refocus their time on more important things like helping the business leverage technology and manage the migrations to Cloud technologies as well as managing the contracts involved.

I am sure that there will be some impact on actual head count, but I really don’t believe it will be a large impact. After all, when it comes to many businesses, there will be a need to leverage Cloud technologies in many medium and large companies. Somebody has to design, implement, and support internal Clouds.

Being a Microsoft proponent, I have been watching what Microsoft is doing and how they are responding to these new needs.

Certification? Well, this could be the most interesting way to measure the necessary skills for all of us IT Pros. I have to say that, again, I was a bit worried about how Microsoft would measure these skills and test on them. Well, so far, so good.

Microsoft discusses some of the changes they have made in how they test knowledge. These changes are pretty important in evaluating these different skills.

I would also like to point out that there is a pretty nice path to becoming certified in Microsoft Cloud technologies.

I strongly recommend taking some time out of your busy days doing restores and updating anti-virus signature files to take a look at the future of Cloud technologies and at the way that Microsoft is providing the tools.

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