Lync 2010 Mobile Client and Photos

As soon as the Lync 2010 Mobile client was available for Windows Phone 7, I installed it. Lync 2010

Immediately, I noticed that my own picture was not showing in the client. I know that it works for the Lync 2010 install on my desktop and on my laptop. I use a photo that is located at a Web URL.

I did a little digging and was told that the picture had to be available in Active Directory (AD DS) for it to be seen and used by the Lync 2010 Mobile client. So, I imported my picture into AD along with a few others for testing. I waited a day just to be sure there wasn’t an issue with the Address Book Service (ABS) refreshing. I also waited three more days just to make sure that all processes had a chance to run.

Still no pictures on my Lync Mobile.

What I did find odd, though, is that other people that installed Lync Mobile after I had uploaded the pics into AD were getting the pics. I have since found out that this is reproducible and it isn’t just something that I missed. So, I tested this by uninstalling Lync Mobile and reinstalling it. Ta-da! My pic appeared along with the others that I had uploaded.

However, my Federated contacts are still not seeing my pic from their Lync Mobile clients even though they do see them in their desktop client installs. This is an expected behavior. Federated contacts will not have access to the pictures uploaded in AD DS through the Lync Mobile client. So, users may complain about how they can see pictures when using their desktop or laptop, but they are not able to see the pictures for Federated contacts. As much as it might be a pain, it is the way the product works.

By the way, I have also installed the Lync Mobile client on my test iPhone and my iPad. It works like a charm. Hopefully, I will get a chance to work with the Android client in the not too distant future.

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1 Response to Lync 2010 Mobile Client and Photos

  1. Jaapbg says:

    Wauw, reinstalling Lync on my Lumia 900 was the solution!
    Thanks, this option i did not try.
    Finally we can see the federated pictures on the windows phones also..
    our iPhone users do not have this issue 😦

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