Installing Lync 2010 Mobile for Windows Phone 7

I have really enjoyed testing and using the new Lync Mobile client. You can get it here or in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. While I haven’t had a chance to test some of its more advanced features, I have to say that I am really liking it. By the way, I love the remote installation process. Since I couldn’t find Lync Mobile in the Marketplace on my phone, I went to the Website and it did a remote install. Poof! Lync Mobile suddenly appeared on my phone.

Of course, with anything new, there are challenges.

Challenge #1 – I heard from good friends that the client was available on Sunday. So, I went to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and I couldn’t find it. Of course, it is now there, but it was not on Sunday. So, I went to the link off of the Windows Phone 7 site and used the link there to do a remote install. The process was pretty nice. I clicked the proper links, and within a couple of minutes, the new Lync client was installed on my phone for me.

Challenge #2 – I filled in my information so that I could connect to my Office 365 Lync environment. It was pretty simple. I put in my info, but the Lync client would not connect.

I received the following:

Error message – Unable to sign in. Can’t connect to the server. It might be unavailable. Also please check your network connection, sign-in address, and server addresses.

The answer wasn’t as obvious as I would like, but what it came down to was that I needed to update my DNS. Now, if I were having Office 365 host my DNS, it would not have been a problem as Office 365 populates DNS with the records required, but I am hosting DNS at a third party since my Website is also hosted at a third party location.

The solution is a simple one: I created a CNAME record for that points to in my DNS.

Once I updated my DNS, the Lync client connected without any issues, and I have been off and running ever since.

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