Lync Server 2010 PowerShell–Mind Map

In the last few years, I have come to love PowerShell. Like many, I got my first exposure with Exchange Server 2007. I spend several hours a week building new scripts and running PowerShell commands to ease the bulk administration tasks in Exchange Server 2010.

Despite my exposure to PowerShell, I strive to learn more about it each and every day.

Lync Server 2010’s use of PowerShell has also made the administration of many tasks much easier. How can you not love it?

The other day, I stumbled across this great blog post by Tom Arbuthnot, a consultant at Modality. What Tom has done is build some nice flash files that help provide a visual of the various Lync cmdlets available. He has organized the cmdlets by Category and by Verb. Below is a snapshot of the Category mind map, but I am not providing the actual flash files here because I really would prefer that you go directly to Tom’s blog and access them there.


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  1. Thanks for the mention and link back. Glad you’ve found them useful

    Tom Arbuthnot

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