Ultimate Cell Phone?

So, what would a geek like me want in the ultimate cell phone?Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T

Well, the list is long as… well, you know how the bad joke goes.

I would want:

  • Lots of storage for my apps, songs, and videos. I have 32GB on my current phone, and it seems sufficient.
  • A rocking camera. Over 10 MP would be awesome.
  • Totally indestructible – OK, that will never happen, but you won’t see me buy a phone made entirely out of glass ever again.
  • Waterproof – how many phones have been destroyed because of spilled soda or coffee?
  • Great apps.
  • Multi-tasking OS.
  • 801.11n WiFi support.
  • Of course, it has to support the latest Bluetooth standard.

This one comes pretty close to meeting all of my desires, and exceeding some of them. Of course, it will come in more colors than hot pink, but hey, I am open minded.

Bonus: Running Mango would be nice… I have to admit that I am loving Windows Phone 7.


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