Great News on the Exchange ActiveSync Front!

As many people know, Microsoft has been licensing Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) to other vendors. This was great news to many of us that have to support mobile devices that are not necessarily Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x devices.

I love EAS and the many features that it provides for businesses when it comes to controlling access to Exchange mailboxes from mobile devices and when it comes to the security that is provided through EAS connections.

Today, Microsoft announced a new EAS Logo Program that certifies mobile devices that meet the requirements of the program. We, as Exchange administrators should recognize that these approved devices are secure and provide the features as defined by the program.

To kick off the program, Microsoft announced that the following devices are certified under the logo program:

  • Apple iPhone 3GS and 4 running iOS 4.0
  • Apple iPad and iPad2 running iOS 4.0
  • Nokia E7 running Mail for Exchange 3.0.50
  • Windows Phones running Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7

These devices meet the logo requirements that include that the vendor’s device is a current EAS licensee, runs EAS v14 or later, and provides the following features:

  1. Direct Push email, contacts & calendar
  2. Accept, Decline & Tentatively Accept meetings
  3. Rich formatted email (HTML)
  4. Reply/Forward state on email
  5. GAL Lookup
  6. Autodiscover
  7. ABQ strings provided: device type and  device model
  8. Remote Wipe
  9. Password Required
  10. Minimum Password Length
  11. Timeout without User Input
  12. Number of Failed Attempts

    As an Exchange admin, it is extremely important to me that I can trust that my EAS policies can be supported by the device when it comes to password requirements and the ability to remotely wipe the device.

    I really like Paul Robichaux’ post on this topic. You can read it here: BTW, I strongly recommend that everyone subscribe to his blog.

    For more information, see Microsoft’s official blogs that discuss the new program:

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