Nobody Types in Phone Numbers

On Castle, the TV show, I heard a great quote, “Nobody types in phone numbers on a cell phone anymore.”

We don’t call our friends by entering their phone numbers, we call them by entering their contact. In the event there are multiple phone numbers associated with a person, we select which one we want to call. For example, when I call my best friend, I select him by using his name from my contacts (or I have a favorite), and then I choose whether to call his work number, his home number or his cell phone number.

Why do I bring this up? Well, to OCS/Lync users, it is becoming really clear that we just don’t call numbers anymore. We call people. The only time I dial a phone number is when I have never called it before and know that I will probably never call it again. If it is going to be a number that I will use again in the future, I will create a contact for it. After all, what is easier to remember: a person’s name or their phone number?

With click to dial capabilities, I can even click on phone numbers in Web sites to dial the number.

So, will we ever be rid of phone numbers? Probably not, but we sure have changed the way that we call people today.

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