Plantronics Savi Go WG101

I got another great device from Plantronics, and I think it is probably the best of the headsets that I have tested so far for a few reasons.

Flexibility – I plugged the dongle into my PC and it connected right up to the earpiece, and then I followed the simple steps included in the instructions to pair the device with my cell phone. It works with both my Microsoft Office Communicator client and my cell phone at the same time. It is really nice not having to change out the device depending on the call. I can answer calls by using the Savi Go whether they are communicator calls or cell phone calls.

Comfort – I have used several devices that use an ear loop to hold the device. Of course, most of them also have a head band piece that can be used instead of the ear loop. I usually hate the ear loop because it just isn’t comfortable, especially with my glasses on. In this case, though, I love the ear loop and haven’t even bothered trying the head band.Savi Go

Sound Quality – I think the longer boom might be part of it, but it appears that the voice quality is much better than with other devices with a shorter boom. The receiving sound quality is extremely good as well. I have absolutely no problems selecting this device over the others that I use just because I like the quality.

Control – I love the single toggle button that can be used to answer calls and control the volume.

Charge – I haven’t really had a good chance to test the duration of the charge of the device, but it certainly lasts through the day for me. I also love the charging stand and the small USB charging cable that I can take with me when traveling.

Distance – Using the dongle that is provided with the Savi Go, I can walk around most of my home while using the headset and get nice and clear reception. The stats for the device claim 100 feet, and that is certainly reasonable based on what I am experiencing. Of course, when paired with my cell phone, I get much less distance, but my cell is usually in my pocket, so it isn’t an issue.

I definitely recommend the Savi Go.

Next, I am going to test the Plantronics Voyager, and I will let everyone know what I think of it in comparison to the Savi Go.

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