Google Mail and my iPhone

Wow, what is going on with me? I am a Microsoft guy. I make my living by training and consulting on Microsoft products. I love Microsoft products. I am a huge fan of Microsoft.

Despite my obvious bias, I am a business man first. In order to make my business as profitable as possible, I have to make many decisions based strictly on the weighing of functionality and finances. I am willing to pay more for greater functionality if I need the features provided for the larger amount of money. However, I am not willing to pay more money to get the same end result that I can get from spending less.

Anyways, I ended up getting an iPhone about a year ago. It was strictly a financial decision. My son lost his Windows Mobile phone. Actually, it was stolen. We went to the AT&T store to get him a new one, but in order to get the rebate, they required that we get a full blown data plan for a new Windows Mobile phone. First off, he didn’t need the data plan, second, it was expensive and would end up costing way more than the rebate. Our solution was for me to get an iPhone, give him my Windows Mobile phone, and then trade if I didn’t like the iPhone. Well, it only took me about an hour to start liking the iPhone. To be perfectly honest, I am looking forward to the new Windows Mobile 7 phones, and will probably get one of those when they come out, but for now, I am liking my iPhone.

Anyways, I have an iPhone now. I have been using Google Mail on my iPhone for a few months after making a strictly financial decision regarding my business email. See my previous post to understand that one. I configured my iPhone by using the Google Mail option when I added my email account. It worked wonderfully, but it didn’t sync my calendar items worth a damn. I decided to live with the pain of the calendar not working properly until I had a chance to figure it out.

A couple of days ago, I found a help article on the Google site, which was not easy to find, that told me how to configure my iPhone to use the Google Sync option for my Google Mail. YES!

Configuring the iPhone to use Google Sync requires that your business uses Google Apps and that your iPhone runs 3.0 or later. I jail broke my iPhone a few months ago because I travel out of country on a regular basis, and I want to be able to use my iPhone out of the country by installing a pre-paid SIM. So, to let you know, it works with jail broken phones, too.

Basically, you configure Google Mail by using the Microsoft Exchange option in the email setup on the iPhone. That sounds really counter intuitive since there is a Google Mail option, but I am easy, so I did it. Well, it didn’t work. I did some digging around and found out that I just don’t know how to follow directions. I found that I needed to go into Google Sync and enable the check box for the mobile side of the world. It worked like a charm. Now, my calendar items are fully synchronized with Outlook, Google Mail, and my iPhone. I can do updates from any of them, and everyone of them gets updated nice and quickly.

The name of the article, in case you want to search for it, is: Mail, Calendar, & Contacts: Set Up Your Apple Device for Google Sync

The steps are ridiculously easy, and it works well.

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