No Mail Icon in Control Panel in Vista

It is kind of a stupid issue, but I decided to blog on it because it bugged me.
I run Vista. I needed to re-configure my email profile for Outlook 2007. When I tried to make a change to the email settings, I got an error that said I needed to close Outlook and make the changes in the Mail applet in control panel.
Problem. There is no such thing. Even if you switch to classic view in control panel, it is still not there.
The answer? Go to Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12 and then double-click the MLCFG32.CPL file.
Now, you can make the changes.
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2 Responses to No Mail Icon in Control Panel in Vista

  1. Kevin says:

    Thank you so much Russ! I searched a lot for finding Mail icon in my Vista Control Panel, but only you saved me by your post!

    • I am glad I could help. I originally created this post so that I could easily find the answer in the future when I ran into the same problem. I must have looked up my own post about 8-10 times since then.

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