MSDTC Issue – Original Posted Jan 26, 2005

More like, it is semi-broken. Ok, it isn’t broken at all, but it isn’t configured the way I want it configured so I have a desire to fix it.

It all started last Friday night. We are migrating from one EMC frame to another one. The storage guys (they really do a great job here) added new LUNS to the SQL cluster. We then added the drives as resources in cluster admin and then put the drive resources into the proper SQL cluster groups. We shut down the SQL services, did a quick file copy to the new drives, changed the drive letters to match the old drives and restarted the SQL services. We also pointed the quorum to its new drive. Everything works.

Problem. The quorum is now the I: and not the Q: Yes, I know it is a stupid issue, but the company wants all quorums to be Q:’s. So, we try to make the change. Nope, the old Q: won’t let us change it. Why? Because of the MSDTC is using that resource. Time to go to bed.

Topday, we revisit the issue of the Q:. We have to do something because this one drive is holding up the retirement of the old EMC frame. The MSDTC is in the cluster group along with the quorum and the cluster IP and cluster name. So, there are two physical disks, one being the Q:(old quorum) and the other being the I:(new quorum) in the cluster group. We try stopping the MSDTC, copying all the msdtc folder info from Q: to I:, adding the I: as a dependency, and removing the Q: as a dependency. As you can guess, this just doesn’t work. Yes, I know the solution is to uninstall MSDTC and reinstall it. No, I don’t want to do that. I want a better way.

Back to thinking… I will probably just do it the right way, but I have a nagging feeling I am missing something really easy.

I got brave and decided to fix the problem. The issue, for those who missed the first show, was that I needed to reconfigure the MSDTC on a SQL cluster. The MSDTC needed to be moved to a different drive because we are retiring one of the EMC frames.

The more I read on this the more complex it seemed. I read through Q 301600 and Q 294209, and reviewed several other sources. These articles made it sound like I was going to have to rip out DTC on each node and then rebuild it on each node and restart SQL on the cluster. I just refused to believe it was so complex.

The MSDTC resource was configured as part of the initial cluster group with the cluster name and Q: as dependencies. Previously, the quorum was moved from Q: to I:, but the old Q: could not be removed until the MSDTC was reconfigured.

So, the more that I thought about it, the more sense it made to me, so I:

  1. Stopped the MSDTC resource
  2. Copied the MSDTC folder from Q: to I:
  3. Stopped the Q: resource
  4. Deleted the MSDTC resource
  5. Created a new MSDTC resource with the clustername and the new I: as dependencies
  6. Brought the MSDTC resource online

I don’t see any problems with it so far.


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