Antivirus for Windows Home Server – Originally Posted Aug 12, 2009

I was using the freebie that came with my WHS, which is provided by McAfee. So, me being a lazy person, I figured I would just purchase the product since the free trial ran out. Once on the console, it looked easy. I clicked the link to buy the product.

Well, that is where it because a major pain. While McAfee was more than willing to take my money, they don’t seem very willing to tell you how to install it. No problem, I will suck it up and call the tech support team. Well, the tech support team that handles home users does not support WHS. The Enterprise team supports WHS. Oh yeah, that makes sense. After about an hour on hold, I got to talk to a tech who did not seem to understand that WHS is a product and it is not just a server at my home. After going back and forth on hold and finally getting a tech that seemed to know what to do, I was cut off.

What to do, what to do… Being a bit of a hot head, I called McAfee and got my money back.

The solution? Avast has a WHS version, and it works like an add-on for WHS. It was fast, it was easy, and I am glad that I found Avast.

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